The subject of this article or section is part of the Shattered Sun Offensive storyline and is added at the commencement of phase 4.

Ontuvo is a level 70 draenei gem and recipe vendor located behind Exarch Nasuun and the Shattrath Portal to Isle of Quel'Danas on the Terrace of Light of Shattrath City.

He was added with Patch 2.4.2 and duplicates Shaani's wares.


Note that like Shaani, Ontuvo will not sell his wares until players complete the Alchemy Lab on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

Reputation Item Cost Type
  [Crimson Spinel] 15 Badge of justiceGem
[Empyrean Sapphire] 15 Badge of justiceGem
[Lionseye] 15 Badge of justiceGem
[Pyrestone] 15 Badge of justiceGem
[Shadowsong Amethyst] 15 Badge of justiceGem
[Seaspray Emerald] 15 Badge of justiceGem
Friendly [Design: Sparkling Empyrean Sapphire]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Bold Crimson Spinel]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Thick Lionseye]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Teardrop Crimson Spinel]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Solid Empyrean Sapphire]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Subtle Crimson Spinel]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Smooth Lionseye]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Runed Crimson Spinel]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Lustrous Empyrean Sapphire]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Gleaming Lionseye]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Bright Crimson Spinel]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Brilliant Lionseye]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Delicate Crimson Spinel]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
Honored [Design: Potent Pyrestone]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Radiant Seaspray Emerald]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Jagged Seaspray Emerald]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Luminous Pyrestone]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Glowing Shadowsong Amethyst]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Glinting Pyrestone]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Infused Shadowsong Amethyst]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Balanced Shadowsong Amethyst]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Dazzling Seaspray Emerald]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
Revered [Design: Enduring Seaspray Emerald]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Rigid Lionseye]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Royal Shadowsong Amethyst]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Wicked Pyrestone]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Quick Lionseye]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Reckless Pyrestone]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Steady Seaspray Emerald]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Forceful Seaspray Emerald]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
Exalted [Design: Inscribed Pyrestone]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Veiled Pyrestone]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Mystic Lionseye]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Shifting Shadowsong Amethyst]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Flashing Crimson Spinel]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Stormy Empyrean Sapphire]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Great Lionseye]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Sovereign Shadowsong Amethyst]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Purified Shadowsong Amethyst]50GoldJewelcrafting (375)
[Design: Quick Dawnstone]12GoldJewelcrafting (350)
[Design: Reckless Noble Topaz]12GoldJewelcrafting (350)
[Design: Forceful Talasite]12GoldJewelcrafting (350)

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