Ongo'longo is a dire troll found atop Jintha'Alor[62, 75]
in the Hinterlands.

According to Primal Torntusk:

Ongo'longo was one of us. What outsiders called a Dire Troll, but he was a Revantusk, and a proud warrior like all of us!

Then the Vilebranch took him. They keep him chained up in a pit at the top of Jintha'Alor, made to dance for their sick amusement.

No chains can hold Ongo'longo. All you need to do is raise his temper, <name>. Fight him until he's enraged enough to remember his true spirit and break free... and then get out of the way!

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  • Basically a tank and spank, just go in, and when he runs away leave him be.

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Ongo'longo yells: NO MORE! ONGOLONGO GO HOME!

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  • Ongo'longo is not killable; he runs away when he gets to 1 health.
  • To find Ongo'longo, proceed up to the fifth "floor"; he is in a pit on the left-hand side.

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