On Undeath
"On Undeath" is a book found in the Heart of Acherus in the Scarlet Enclave. [47.8, 32.5]


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On Undeath

After repeated failures at serving within the Scourge, I found that I held myself to much higher standards than even those within the upper echelons of the organization. Given the inherent inflexibility of social power structures, it is difficult to balance attempts to effect change with extant social challenges.

It is fortunate, then, that this organization offers low-skill employment opportunities for disaffected individuals or those inconvenienced by some malady (such as, in my case, death).

I have come to embrace one truth. The arrival of death is cold and unfulfilling, and gives no answers. I am freed of earthly obligation, but I feel no relief for I feel no heart. I simply am. I may only hope to fall again before the blazing wrath of a noble and merciful heart, in glorious battle!

The necropolis has been called back to Icecrown. We have taken on supplies and personnel, and the city is alive once again! I am different. I feel whole. I feel alive. I feel His perfect will directing me. I know exactly where I will stand, and when the warriors come, I will test them.

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