This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

An ominous island served as a rest stop during Krasus and Rhonin's trip to Kalimdor. The island was almost entirely bare of vegetation and held a series of small ruined structures that appeared to have been either a fort or a walled estate. During their rest amongst the ruins some type of ghouls attacked the duo. After a small fight, the mages emerged victorious and then quickly escaped from the island.[1]

Rhonin asked Krasus what they could have been, but he only knew that it was older and eviler than anything the Scourge ever created. Krasus stated that after their mission was over, he would return to end the abominations.[2]

Following their flight path to Kalimdor, and Korialstrasz's statement that they would need rest before passing near the Maelstrom, this island would be somewhere to the north and east of the Maelstrom.


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