Olut Alegut is an orc quest giver located in Storm Peaks [37.0, 49.6]. He also sells various drinks in exchange for Inv misc rune 14 [Relic of Ulduar].



Name Cost
Inv drink 08 [Airy Pale Ale]10 Inv misc rune 14
Inv drink 03 [Drakefire Chile Ale]2 Inv misc rune 14
Inv drink 01 [Iron Boot Flask]10 Inv misc rune 14
Inv drink 05 [Snowfall Lager]2 Inv misc rune 14
Inv drink 13 [Worg Tooth Oatmeal Stout]10 Inv misc rune 14


Olut is beer in Finnish, ale in several languages and 'gut' is the beer belly you get after using some time.

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