Ability mount mountainram Neutral 15 Old School Ride
Owner of one of the original epic mounts that are no longer attainable.

This feat of strength is awarded to players who still have one of the original epic mounts that were only available before Patch 1.4.

Alliance 32 Alliance mounts IconSmall Horse [Palomino] [White Stallion]
IconSmall Ram [Black Ram] [Frost Ram]
IconSmall Mechanostrider [Icy Blue Mechanostrider Mod A] [White Mechanostrider Mod B]
IconSmall Saber [Ancient Frostsaber] [Nightsaber]
Horde 32 Horde mounts IconSmall Wolf [Arctic Wolf] [Red Wolf]
IconSmall Kodo [Green Kodo] [Teal Kodo]
IconSmall Raptor [Ivory Raptor] [Mottled Red Raptor]