Obsidian Forest

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Obsidian Forest

Obsidian Forest

The Obsidian Forest[62, 79] is a scorched area of forest near the southern shores of the Twilight Highlands, bordering the Highland Forest. The area is a battleground between the red and black dragonflights. Near the border to the Highland Forest[61.5, 67.5] is also where the remains of the Doyle branch of the Wildhammer clan can be found, fighting to the last dwarf against the dragons.

According to Velastrasza the area was once a beacon of life within the Highlands, the forest belonging to the red dragonflight. The black dragonflight wrested it from them, corrupting it and, in time, petrifying the once-mighty wood. Players, through a short series of quests, plant the seed that will someday restore the forest to its former glory.


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