Obelisk of the Moon

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Obelisk of the Moon

The Obelisk of the Moon[39.6, 23.5] is located in the northwest of Uldum, south of the Temple of Uldum and near the Oasis of Vir'sar, and sits atop the Chamber of the Moon. Commander Schnottz's men, under the influence and command of Deathwing, are digging through the ruins to recover powerful artifacts, just as they were at the Obelisk of the Sun. They are overseen by one of Deathwing's loyal soldiers, Myzerian.


Initial phase
During Shroud of the Makers
After completing Shroud of the Makers


  • Myzerian is only killable during the final phase; he is able to be engaged, but due to buffs and mechanics will not die.


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