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oRa is modularized CT_RaidAssist replacement. Developed by Haste.



Tired of the all-in-one package that CT_RaidAssist has become? Well, this might be your solution. oRa is a dynamic raid assist addon. What do I mean by this? Well, oRa gives the user the ability to control what parts of the addon are loaded. This means that a class doesn't have to load unnecessary functions, that the class has no use for. It will also decrease the memory usage of the user.

ORa will show up as a "valid" client for the CTRA users for cross compatibility.

oRa modulesEdit

Because oRa is modularized, you need to install the base and choose wich of the modules you wish to heve installed.

Download locationsEdit

WoW interface download page


This addon would never have gotten far without the help and support of the following people

The CT Team for a excellent Raid Assist.

Moonsorrow at the Ace forums for the channel remembering

Thalinon for CTRASpy and support.

Ammo for all the code contributions and help.

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