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Source Edit

This item drops randomly in Tanaris from

  • Wastewander Thieves and Bandits
  • Southsea Pirates, Freebooters and Swashbucklers
  • Sandfury Shadowhunters, Blood Drinkers, Witch Doctors, and Shadowcasters (in Zul'Farrak)
  • Searing Roc

The drop rate is reported as between 0.5% and 1%. As is common for items that start quests, the real drop rate is somewhat higher, since while you have one of these - or have finished the quest it provides - it will not drop for you again.

People attempting to farm for this would be well advised to join a Zul'Farrak run, as a clear of ZF will usually drop this item.


This is part of the quests involving Oglethorpe's Homing Robots quest chain.

Patch changesEdit

  • 0100WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.8.4 (05-Dec-2005): All OOX Distress Beacons are now multi-drop; everyone in a group should be able to receive one if it drops.

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