Noxious Stings

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Noxious Stings
Ability hunter potentvenom
  • If Wyvern Sting is dispelled, the dispeller is also afflicted by Wyvern Sting lasting X% of the duration remaining, and increases all damage done by you on targets afflicted by your Serpent Sting by Y%.
Usable by
LocationSurvival, Tier 8
AffectsWyvern Sting, Serpent Sting
Points required35
Spec specificYes
Talent requiredKiller Instinct, Wyvern Sting

Noxious Stings is a talent in the Survival tree, you will need to spend 38 points in Survival to max it.

Rank tableEdit

Rank Wyvern Sting Serpent Sting
1 16% 1%
2 25% 2%
3 50% 3%

Patch changes Edit

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