Noxious Glade

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The Noxious Glade

The Noxious Glade

The Noxious Glade - Scarlet Enclave

The Noxious Glade being worked on by Noth the Plaguebringer.

The Noxious Glade [80, 34] is a secluded glade found in the Eastern Plaguelands just north of Light's Hope Chapel up a hill. The glade suffers from the blight of the Scourge and is even more tainted then the surrounding Plaguelands. The air of the glade is a thick, sickly green and the ground is a dark purple. A plague cauldron and a few ziggurats are found within the glade, as well as several Scourge mobs. The mobs inhabiting the glade are levels 57-60.

As of Patch 3.0.2, a cave at the southern end of this sub-zone [81, 43] has been added. This tunnel leads to Death's Breach, the northernmost tip of the Scarlet Enclave region.

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