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Northspear docked at Menethil Harbor.

Northspear is the main line of transport between the Eastern Kingdoms and the port of Valgarde in the Howling Fjord. Unlike most of the other intercontinental transports, the Northspear is an icebreaker — ideal for travel to Northrend. The Northspear replaces The Bravery (which now runs between Rut'Theran Village (Formerly Auberdine) and Stormwind Harbor), and is one of the two primary Alliance ports that connect to Northrend (Stormwind Harbor is the other).


Schedule Edit

  • Menethil Harbor to Valgarde: 3 minutes 28 seconds (This unusually long trip results from the Northspear having to pass Valgarde, turn around, and dock facing southwards.)
  • Valgarde to Menethil Harbor: 1 minute 55 seconds
  • Dock time: 1 minute
  • Round trip: 7 minutes 23 seconds

Other Icebreakers Edit

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