Northshire Valley

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Northshire Valley

Northshire Valley

Hey, citizen! You look like a stout one. We guards are spread a little thin out here, and I could use your help...

Northshire Valley is a pristine valley in Elwynn Forest in which both Northshire AbbeyEcho Ridge Mine,  and the Northshire Vineyards are located. The Northshire River also flows through it. This is where the human starting area is located, though the serene valley is visited by adventurers from all over the world.

Northshire Valley is surrounded by impenetrable mountains, with the exception of a pass to the South which is protected by thick stone walls and guarded by Stormwind Guards. A river runs through the valley, which eventually exits Northshire and empties into Crystal Lake.

The guards of Stormwind have trouble maintaining the peace in Northshire Valley, due to an increase in activity from various threats. Deputy Willem notes an increase in the number of wolves inhabiting the woods, Marshal McBride reports a faction of kobolds infesting the areas in and around Echo Ridge Mine, and Milly Osworth fears for her vineyard at the hands of Defias Brotherhood thugs and pillagers led by Garrick Padfoot.

Gameplay Notes

In the valley area outside of Northshire Abbey, there are low-level wolves and kobolds, both of which are neutral and will not attack players on sight. It is advisable for players to stay here until they reach a minimum level of five to better prepare for encountering mobs outside the starter area.

In Cataclysm

Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Northshire Valley will undergo some changes. This includes Northshire Vineyards being taken by Blackrock orcs replacing the Defias and Kurtok the Slayer replacing Garrick Padfoot, and the zone will also include some new training dummies such as the ones near the Abbey. The starting quests will also change, and Echo Ridge mine will be disabled, featuring bars and and a keep out sign and sometimes Gug Fatcandle is guarding the mine. Goblin Assassins will also replace the Kobolds outside the mine.

Quests (pre-Cataclysm)

Quest:A Threat Within

Quest:Kobold Camp Cleanup

Quest:Investigate Echo Ridge

Quest:Skirmish at Echo Ridge

Quest:Eagan Peltskinner

Quest:Wolves Across the Border

Quest:Brotherhood of Thieves

Quest:Milly Osworth

Quest:Milly's Harvest

Quest:Grape Manifest

Quest:Bounty on Garrick Padfoot

Quest:Report to Goldshire

Quest:Rest and Relaxation

Quests (post-Cataclysm)

Quest:Beating them Back!

Quest:Lions for Lambs 

Quest: Join the Battle!

They Sent Assassins

Fear No Evil

The Rear is Clear

Blackrock Invasion

Extinguishing Hope

Ending the Invasion!

Quest givers

Marshal McBride

Deputy Willem

Sergeant Willem

Brother Paxton

Milly Osworth

Llane Beshere

Brother Sammuel


Priestess Anetta

Ashley Blank

Falkhaan Isenstrider

Eagan Peltskinner


Marshal McBride- Ruler of Northshire

Milly Osworth

Sergeant Willem

Brother Paxton

Stormwind Infantry

Falkhaan Isenstrider

Northshire Guard

Stormwind Royal Guard

Blackrock Battle Worg

Brother Sammuel-Paladin Trainer

Llane Beshere-Warrior Trainer

Bao-Monk Trainer

Priestess Anetta-Priest Trainer

Ashley Blank-Hunter Trainer

Khelden Bremen-Mage Trainer

Cylina Darkheart-Demon Trainer

Drusilla La Salle-Warlock Trainer

Jorik Kerridan-Rogue Trainer

Goblin Assassin

Blackrock Spy

Blackrock Invader

Northshire Peasant

Janos Hammerknuckle-Weaponsmith


Brother Neals

Dermot Johns-Cloth & Armor Merchant

Gug Fatcandle

Stormwind Army Registrar



1 World of Warcraft Questing Guide - Level 1-5 Human Starting Zone15:43

1 World of Warcraft Questing Guide - Level 1-5 Human Starting Zone

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  • Northshire Abbey was one of the zones to be destroyed in the First War along with Goldshire, Stormwind City, and Moonbrook
  • Northshire is one of the few zones that is barely raided by the Horde.
  • In World of Warcraft Classic, Marshal McBride is inside the Abbey, but in Cataclysm, he is outside the Abbey,
  • Northshire is one of the places with a lot of guards.
  • For some reason, if you raid Northshire, most of the NPCs in Northshire can't be attacked such as the trainers.

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