Northridge Lumber Camp

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Northridge Lumber Camp Cataclysm

Northridge Lumber Camp in Cataclysm

The Scarlet Crusade has been removed from Northridge Lumber Camp by Hearthglen Recruits. The camp is currently under siege by Combat 15 Northridge Spiders. Many of the trees surrounding the area have been cut down.[1]


Northridge Lumber Camp

Northridge Lumber Camp

The Northridge Lumber Camp was a lumbermill operated by the Scarlet Crusade in the northern part of the Western Plaguelands, close to Hearthglen. Both agents of the Alliance and of the Horde realized the importance of this outpost, and sent adventurers out to gather termites to wreak havoc on the Scarlet Crusade's precious lumber supply.

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3 (15-Nov-2010): Now an Argent Crusade outpost.


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