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<onlyinclude>{| class="darktable"
<onlyinclude>{| class="darktable"
|- style="background: #662020;"
|- style="background: #662020;"
| colspan=6 | <center>'''Red''', match {{socket icon|red}} red sockets.</center>
|style="text-align:center;" colspan=6 | '''Red''', match {{socket icon|red}} red sockets. <span style="float:right; font-size:80%;">&#91;[{{fullurl:Northrend_red_gems|action=edit}} edit]&#93;</span>
! Gem !! Effects !! Source
! Gem !! Effects !! Source

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Were you looking for Outland red gems?

These gems are specific to 0300Wrath-Logo-Small. Here is a listing of all red Northrend gems by color.

Northrend red gems provide the following bonuses (updated for 4.0.1):

UI-EmptySocket-Red Red
Agility Delicate
Expertise Rating Precise
Intellect Brilliant
Parry Rating Flashing
Strength Bold

The following gems are cut into red socket gems (updated for 4.0.1):

List of gems (updated for 4.0.1):

Red, match UI-EmptySocket-Red red sockets. [edit]
Gem Effects Source
[Delicate Bloodstone] +12 Agility Trainer
[Perfect Delicate Bloodstone] +14 Agility Gem Perfection
[Delicate Scarlet Ruby] +16 Agility Tiffany Cartier
[Delicate Stormjewel] +20 Agility Bag of Fishing Treasures
[Delicate Cardinal Ruby] +20 Agility Timothy Jones
[Precise Bloodstone] +12 Expertise Rating Trainer
[Perfect Precise Bloodstone] +14 Expertise Rating Gem Perfection
[Precise Scarlet Ruby] +16 Expertise Rating Herald Volazj
[Precise Cardinal Ruby] +20 Expertise Rating Timothy Jones
[Brilliant Bloodstone] +12 Intellect Trainer
[Perfect Brilliant Bloodstone] +14 Intellect Gem Perfection
[Brilliant Scarlet Ruby] +16 Intellect Archmage Alvareaux
[Brilliant Stormjewel] +20 Intellect Bag of Fishing Treasures
[Brilliant Cardinal Ruby] +20 Intellect Timothy Jones
[Flashing Bloodstone] +12 Parry Rating Trainer
[Perfect Flashing Bloodstone] +14 Parry Rating Gem Perfection
[Flashing Scarlet Ruby] +16 Parry Rating Tiffany Cartier
[Flashing Cardinal Ruby] +20 Parry Rating Timothy Jones
[Bold Bloodstone] +12 Strength Trainer
[Perfect Bold Bloodstone] +14 Strength Gem Perfection
[Bold Scarlet Ruby] +16 Strength Tiffany Cartier
[Bold Stormjewel] +20 Strength Bag of Fishing Treasures
[Bold Cardinal Ruby] +20 Strength Timothy Jones

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