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This page is a Table that shows the raw materials used in creating jewelcrafted items from the 0300Wrath-Logo-Small expansion of 0100WoW Icon 16x16.

Materials table:
[Unc.] [Perf.] [Rare] [Epic] [Dragon]
Color UI-EmptySocket-Red [Bloodstone] [Scarlet Ruby] [Cardinal Ruby] [Dragon's Eye]
UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-Yellow [Huge Citrine] [Monarch Topaz] [Ametrine]
UI-EmptySocket-Yellow [Sun Crystal] [Autumn's Glow] [King's Amber]
UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-Blue [Dark Jade] [Forest Emerald] [Eye of Zul]
UI-EmptySocket-Blue [Chalcedony] [Sky Sapphire] [Majestic Zircon]
UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-Red [Shadow Crystal] [Twilight Opal] [Dreadstone]

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