Achievement profession fishing northrendangler Neutral 15 Northrend Angler 10 Money achievement
Catch fish in each of the specific nodes below.
  • Borean Man O' War School
  • Deep Sea Monsterbelly School
  • Dragonfin Angelfish School
  • Fangtooth Herring School
  • Glacial Salmon School
  • Glassfin Minnow School
  • Imperial Manta Ray School
  • Moonglow Cuttlefish School
  • Musselback Sculpin School
  • Nettlefish School

Once you have fished certain fish from the pools of Northrend, you earn the acheivement, Northrend Angler.

Locations Edit

Borean Man O' War School: Borean Tundra

Deep Sea Monsterbelly School: Frozen Sea around the south of Northrend

Dragonfin Angelfish School: Borean Tundra or Dragonblight

Fangtooth Herring School: Howling Fjord, from School of Fish

Glacial Salmon School: Grizzly Hills, from Fishing Pool

Glassfin Minnow School: Crystalsong Forest

Imperial Manta Ray School: Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra (West of Steeljaw's Caravan), Dragonblight (East of Moa'ki Harbor)

Moonglow Cuttlefish School: Frozen Sea around south of Northrend, from Fishing Pool

Musselback Sculpin School: Lake Kum'uya[51, 45]
in the Borean Tundra. Which is West of the D.E.T.H.A. camp, just off the road.

Nettlefish School: Sholazar Basin from Fishing Pool

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