The North Sea Kraken is a boss-level kraken attacking both The Firehawk and The Wavecrest near the middle of the Sea Reaver's Run, south of Hrothgar's Landing.

The kraken is the objective of the Crusader-level daily quest Get Kraken! Players are tasked to use [Flaming Spears] to drive it away and kill the Kvaldir Deepcallers who summoned it from the depths of the North Sea.

If a group (usually of 3 or more players) manages to kill the Kraken while flying overhead on the Get Kraken! quest, a Kraken Tooth will appear in their inventory, providing them an extra daily to turn in called Identifying the Remains. Note: One must have this quest in their log to receive the tooth, any attempts at killing the Kraken without the quest on foot give no reward.

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