"Nightfall" is the sixth and latest song by the band Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain, debuting at BlizzCon 2008 in the closing ceremony. The song is dedicated to the first hero class in World of Warcraft, the death knight. When this song was first played, the screen displayed a different name for the band which was "Level 80 Elite Tauren Death Knight".

Lyrics Edit


A voice from the north, whispers to me,
All that I am, is what you can be.
I forsake the light, I forsake the code,
With unholy steel, I'll serve his throne.

Within Ebon Hold
I am born again!
My deeds, will bring, the fall of man.

Embrace the darkness,
Now my soul belongs,
To the fallen prince of Lordaeron!

Heed my call! You cannot defy.
In death you will live.(live.)
And from death you will rise.

With blood and frost, and runeblade in hand!
The dead and the damned are mine to command!
A thousand will fall, and a thousand will rise,
The armies of death - strike!

The Eye of Acherus, watching above.
Incantations of frost and blood,
Are at my command,
Are mine to wield,
My enemies will fall, to magic and steel!

The mark of the Lich King
Is carved on my soul.
Wherever I tread, doom follow!
The Val'kyr will soar, the frost wyrm will fly.
All will serve as the Lich King's desires!

Heed my call! You cannot defy.
In death you will live, live!
And from death you will rise... Rise!

With blood and frost and runeblade in hand!
The dead and the damned are mine to command!
A thousand will fall, a thousand will rise!
The armies of death strike tonight!

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
Wrath of the Lich King you cannot defy.
Corpses rise with the frozen grin
Let's the Scarlet Harvest begin!

Plague, death, destruction!
Now the final darkness falls.
The end draws near and
Death awaits you all.

I've slaughtered legions by the score,
And still my frozen heart craves more.
Corpses fall to bloodied earth
Patiently awaits rebirth.

You will rise...
I command you to rise!

The final assault is now underway.
The Argent Dawn will fall today.
Three hundred defenders, ten thousand Scourge.
The end of it all, Light's Hope will burn.
The battle is lost, though our numbers abound
Because we fight on hallowed ground!
I fall to the earth, I'm unable to strike.
By Arthas' betrayal and we're left here to die!

Free from the chains...
What have we become?
The Lich King will pay!(
For what he has done!

There's no place for our kind in this world.
We'll march north, and wipe out the Scourge.
When Arthas falls our debts will be paid.
Hail the Knights of the Ebon Blade!

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