During their existence in the beginning of time on Azeroth, the Night Elves have made many allies. When the Night Elves joined the Alliance, some of these races chose to join as well, while others (save a few individuals) chose to remain neutral.

Races allied with the Night Elves Edit

Cenarius' Children Edit

The Keepers of the Grove and the Dryads have always been close with the Night Elves

Ancients and Treants Edit

The Ancients and Treants have also been constant allies of the Night Elves.

Hippogryphs Edit

Unlike Nightsabers, Hippogryphs willingly joined the Night Elves as mounts. This is because Hippogryphs are actually intelligent beings. Therefore, they are willing allies to the Night Elves and are willing contributors to the Alliance.

Races allied with a few Alliance members Edit

Mountain Giants Edit

The Mountain Giants have always been allies to the Night Elves. That being said, many were reluctant to join the Alliance. The only in-game Alliance-Mountain Giant is Rockbiter.

Faerie Dragons Edit

The Faerie Dragons are guardians of the Emerald Dream from magic, and are therefore closely connected to the Night Elves. While no Faerie Dragons have joined the Alliance, a Quest can be completed to get a vanity Faerie Dragon pet.

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