New Thalanaar

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Alliance 32 New Thalanaar
New Thalanaar
Leader(s)Caryssia Moonhunter
Race(s)IconSmall NightElf MaleIconSmall NightElf Female Night elf
LocationNew Thalanaar, Feralas
FacilitiesUndone Inn          Undone Mailbox

Undone Stables   Undone Anvil & Forge

Undone Bank       Undone Auction House
TravelUndone Flight Master Undone Mass-transit

New Thalanaar is a night elf outpost located in the far east of Feralas, and was built after the original Thalanaar was flooded. It is currently under siege by Grimtotem forces. As a result Alliance players are quickly asked to make their way out of the war zone to the dock where a boat awaits to take them to Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge.

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