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Often suggested is the Neutral Faction Rumor in which players could choose a side or stay neutral.


Flying Mount: Goblin Zeppelin

Main City: Undermine City

Faction Leader: Trade King Gadgaar

Races: Ethereal, Gnoll, Ogre, Quilboar

Potential racesEdit



Warriors: they seem to fight well enough.

Rogue: they are not above stealing for profit.

Mage: they cast magic (mostly arcane) possibly?

Paladin: never have any allegiance to any gods/spirits.

Shaman: refer to paladin.

Druid: they have never been close to nature.

Warlock: they use magic as they see fit.

Priest: they are out for themselves and no one else so maybe a shadow priest but not healing.

Hunter: refer to druid.

Racial traitsEdit

Engineering specialty: +15 to engineering (seem to be good with things both mudane and arcane).

Astral movement: increases movment speed by 60% for 15 seconds.

Diplomacy: everyone wants etheral wares, making them gain 5% more reputation.

Arcane resistance: increases arcane resistance by 10% (they use arcane magic so not suprising it somtimes goes boom).


Different colored wrapping black, white, green, blue

Different colored energy waves white, grey


Mount: any factions mount (since they claim they are the best traders)



Warrior: Gnolls have always had melee fighters.

Hunter: Gnolls had 'Poachers' in WarCraft III.

Rogue: Gnolls can be greedy so are not above stealing.

Shaman: Gnolls had an 'Overseer' unit with shamanistic abilities, in WarCraft III.

Racial traitsEdit

Natural Weapons (Passive): +15 unarmed skill.

Gnaw: Activate to do x damage to a target for y seconds. Scales with level.



Warrior: Ogres are one of the strongest races, and have a very Warrior-associated culture, like Orcs.

Rogue: Ogres are too impatient to be Rogues, they'd prefer to just go up and smash someone.

Hunter: While it is a possibility, Ogres haven't been seen with any archers, but the Ogres in Blade's Edge have wolves and raptors as pets.

Shaman: Ogre Shamans appear as mobs, and the Ogre Mages in Warcraft III had Bloodlust.

Mage: Ogre Mages from Warcraft II, Ogre Magi from Warcraft III.

Warlock: The Ogres where corrupted by the Shadow Council, and Ogres Mages from Warcraft II had Eye of Kilrogg.

Priest: Ogres don't worship the Holy Light, though they would have Shadow Priests, since they where corrupted by the Shadow Council.

Paladin: All known Paladin's either worship or steal the Holy Light, and Ogres do neither.

Druid: Ogres have never had a closeness to nature.

Racial traitsEdit

Clubbing (Passive): All Ogres can use maces, and get a 5% attack bonus while using them.

Fight to the Death: When activated, gives a 10% chance to resist fear effects. Lasts 30 seconds.

Endurance (Passive): Max health increased by 5%.

Brutal Fury: When activated, the ogre gets a 20% rage generation bonus, 20 sec cooldown.


One or two heads

White, tan or blue skin

Different faces

Different head spikes

Different tattoos


Starting Zone: Undermine

Mount: N/A, but Ogres have the ability to buy Ogremount Chemicals, which gives them the same speed increase and makes them blue (taken from WarCraft III's Goblin Alchemist).

Probability: Highly likely, though could also go to the Horde

Ogres are a big dumb brute race, though ironically their only class that isn't a spellcaster is the Warrior. The Ogres are hired by Goblins, and are able to take Ogre-specific chemicals to make them faster. They are hired by the Goblin's because of their strength and their tendency to fight to the death.

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