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*[[Deepholm]] - Temple of Earth {{coords|49|51|Deepholm}}
*[[Deepholm]] - Temple of Earth {{coords|49|51|Deepholm}}
*[[Shattrath City]] - Terrace of Light {{coords|61|32|Shattrath City}}
*[[Shattrath City]] - Terrace of Light {{coords|61|32|Shattrath City}}
*[[Kun-Lai Summit]] - Binan Village {{coords|71.1|90.9|Kun-Lai Summit}}
*[[Jade Forest]] - Dawn's Blossom {{coords|47.2|47.2|Jade Forest}}
*[[Krasarang Wilds]] - Zhu's Watch {{coords|74.0|9.49|Krasarang Wilds}}
*[[Townlong Steppes]] - Longying Outpost {{coords|71.5|56.3|Townlong Steppes}}
*[[Valley of the Four Winds]] - Halfhill {{coords|51.8|51.4|Valley of the Four Winds}}
*[[Dread Wastes]] - Soggy's Bottom {{coords|56.1|69.5|Dread Wastes}}

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Midsummer Fire Festival bonfire

The subject of this article or section is part of Midsummer Fire Festival, a seasonal event that lasts two weeks. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next year, but there are no guarantees.

Were you looking for the Horde Bonfire or Alliance Bonfire?

The Neutral Bonfires are located in very specific areas during the Midsummer Fire Festival. Those that are in Deepholm, Mount Hyjal, and the Shimmering Expanse are referred to as Earthen Ring bonfires, while the one in Shattrath City is merely called the Flame of Shattrath .

A player can toss a [Burning Blossom] onto one of these objects to gain Fire Festival Fury for themselves. It should be noted that right-clicking on the Shattrath City bonfire will flag players for PvP, though you can neither honor nor desecrate this particular fire. The Earthen Ring fires can only be honored through the quest below and not desecrated.


Earthen Ring fires only.


Neutral fires gallery
  • Nordrassil fire
  • Silver Tide Hollow fire
  • Deepholm fire
  • Shattrath City fire
Neutral locations list

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