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Netherwing Ledge

Netherwing Ledge

Netherwing Ledge[70, 85] is a huge floating island in southeastern Shadowmoon Valley. It is populated by Dragonmaw fel orcs and their nether drake slaves.

These land was once held by the Netherwing dragonflight and used it as a breeding area. They kept the Overmine rock flayers, that also inhabitant the area, in check. However, since they nether dragons were run off by the fel orcs the rock flayers now run rampart.[1]


  • Access to this ledge normally requires a flying mount; lower levels can, however, make their way there by being summoned or using Slow Fall whilst mounted from nearby peaks to reach one of the islands between the ledge and the mainland, and from there again to the ledge.
  • When a player dies on the floating island, they will be rezzed at a graveyard on the mainland automatically after releasing, with no penalty.


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