Nestlewood Hills

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Nestlewood Hills

Nestlewood Hills

Nestlewood Hills is an area in southern Ammen Vale, filled with owlkin. The only ways to reach this area are by going through the Nestlewood Thicket or following the mountain path. The owlkin have gathered the scattered [Emitter Spare Parts] here and in the Nestlewood Thicket (see Alliance 15 [4] Spare Parts). Unfortunately, some of the native owlkin have been mutated by the radiation from the power crystals that fell from the draenei ship the Exodar, and have become hostile to travelers. Some draenei are attempting to inoculate the unaffected owlkin using an Inoculating Crystal to keep them from being mutated like their fellow friends (see Alliance 15 [4] Inoculation).

Nestlewood Hills is located within the draenei starting zone and most draenei should reach this area around level 3-4.

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