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Nerglish is the languages spoken by murlocs, makrura, gilblin and a few other aquatic races. Nerglish is a low aquatic tongue akin to Low Common for cultures that dwell in the deeps. Makrura speak Nerglish (and were perhaps the first to use that tongue).[1] Murlocs usually only speak their racial dialect of the language, also known simply as Murloc, and nothing else,[2] although some have been known to learn other languages.[3] It is unknown how much of a difference there is between murloc and makrura dialects of the language.

Murlocs of the Winterfin tribe have their own unique murloc dialect.[4]

Murloc Nerglish primerEdit

  • Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle! = No direct translation; probably some sort of battle cry (it was joked by Samwise Didier to be a mating call, "Because when you hear it, you're f**ked!").
  • Murloc = Unknown
  • Makrura = Unknown


Murloc names contain many wet, soft sounds; "sh"s, "l"s, and "m"s are common. Their tribe names recall something of the tribe's accomplishments, appearance, history, or tradition.[5]

  • Male Names: Ashmol, Loshof, Molgloo, Shlesh.
  • Female Names: Malash, Orgloom, Seeshen, Shyresh.
  • Tribe Names: Blindlight, Bluegill, Greymist, Saltspittle.

References Edit

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