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Neptulon's Rise

Neptulon's Rise[49.2, 41.4] makes up most of the second floor of the Throne of the Tides, consisting of a long hallway and small area leading to the Throne of Neptulon. Players gain access to this area by way of the elevator within the Riptide.

Naga and deep sea murlocs can be found here, protecting Lady Naz'jar. Upon defeating Naz'jar within the Throne, this is also where the second boss of the instance appears.

Inhabitants Edit

Notes Edit

  • The deep sea murlocs above are part of the "gauntlet" players are faced with when attempting to proceed to the Throne and will come in waves. The naga are largely stationary and waiting for players.
  • Ulthok appears alone, with no adds.

Patch changes Edit

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