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For the former warlock talent, see Nemesis (warlock talent).
CombatMobElite 32Nemesis
Title <The Usurper>
Race Turtle (Beast)
Level 81 - 85 Elite
Health 260,309 (Flamewake)
111,561 (Crucible of Flame)
387,450 (Firelands Invasion)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Mount Hyjal
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Nemesis is the turtle demigod created by the Twilight's Hammer clan to replace the true demigod, Tortolla. He is initially found wandering through the Flamewake[34, 55], then encountered again within the Crucible of Flame via the Flamegate[69, 54]. Finally, what remains of him is drawn into Mount Hyjal during the Firelands Invasion, at the portal within Ashen Lake[24, 55].

Objective of

Crucible of Flame
Firelands Invasion


For Hunters wanting to tame a turtle with Nemesis's skin, see Terrorpene, a rare turtle found wandering near the Sulfuron Spire[54, 77].

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Crucible of Flame
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NPC level81 - 85 +
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