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Combat 32 Neferset tribe
Drain Soul TCG
Main leaderDark Pharaoh Tekahn
Race(s)IconSmall Neferset MaleTol'vir
CapitalNeferset City, Uldum
Base of operationsLost City of the Tol'vir
Theater of operationsUldum
Main languageTitan (presumed)
AffiliationAl'Akir, Deathwing

The Neferset tribe is a faction of Tol'vir that decided to side with Deathwing in exchange for retaining their stone bodies, lost due to the effect of the Curse of Flesh. They maintain a strong presence within the Lost City of the Tol'vir, as well as several more regions of Uldum and even Skywall.

Neferset shadowstalker

Neferset Shadowmancer

The word Neferset appears to come from Earth's classic Egyptian language and means "Beauty of Set" (Set being the ancient Egyptian god of the desert and storms).

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