Needlerock Chasm

The lower level of Needlerock Chasm

Needlerock Chasm[27, 34] is located in the upper shelf of Deepholm, north of Needlerock Slag and northeast of the Temple of Earth. This is where the stone troggs are summoning fungal giants into being to use against the earthen, and also where their leader, Bouldergut, is holding the earthen leader Stonefather Oremantle captive in the upper levels.


Lower levelEdit

NPCs are located on the outskirts[27.5, 44.8] of the area.

Quest givers

Upper levelEdit

Area appears to be phased, mobs/NPCs appearing during Rescue the Stonefather... and Flint



  • Stonefather Oremantle and his nemesis, Bouldergut, can be found at one of the farther shelves[24.1, 39.6] in the upper level of the Chasm.

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