For the Druid version, see Nature's Swiftness (druid ability).

Nature's Swiftness is a Shaman ability from the Restoration tree. This ability, when activated, causes the next nature spell with a casting time less than 10 sec to be instant. For example, activating Nature's Swiftness and then casting Lightning Bolt will instantly hurl a Bolt without that spell's normal 2.5 second casting time. Nature's Swiftness does not affect channeled spells.

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  • This spell can be very helpful when you need to cast an emergency heal spell.
  • Allows an instant shift to Ghost Wolf form for escaping.
  • Making a spell instant is an excellent workaround to counterspell effects and pushback.
  • Nature's Swiftness can be dispelled or spellstolen. Because Nature's Swiftness doesn't trigger the global cooldown it can be used in macros to cast and instantly consume it to prevent this.

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