Natasha is a level 4 friendly human located at Evergrove in the contested territory of Blade's Edge Mountains. She follows Wildlord Antelarion around the town.

Quotes Edit

  • "I think I came from Eng-land, do you know where that is?"
  • "Have you seen my mommy and daddy?"
  • "I'm only 4 years old."
  • "Antelarion, is it safe to play in the forest yet?"
  • "Antelarion says I fell off a big bird, as I fell he caught me... He is so pretty!"

Trivia Edit

The quotes are a reference to Bill Cosby's stand-up comedy show "Himself" where he has a skit about a kid following people around on a plane (that's what the "fell from a bird", probably plane, is from) telling everyone that he's 4 years old.

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