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Nataliah is a level 70 female Night Elf hunter on the server Terenas. She is a member of Team Cupcake.


Nataliah was born on April 25, 2005 on ther server Terenas. Her beginnings were humble. She knew no one and it was up to her own abilities to survive the world of Azeroth. It was a long journey but upon entering the Eastern Kingdoms for the first time, she met other fellow adventurers who wanted to recruit her into their ranks. She accepted and became a member of a very small guild, The Silver Alliance.

As Nataliah adventured the lands of Azeroth, her hunger for knowledge and power grew. She sensed her current guild will not be able to satisfy her desires, so she bid farewell and left to travel alone with her trusty cat, Kalas. It will not be until she reached the mid 40s that she will again join a growing guild and lend her skills to their cause.

This new guild was called The Users, and it was led by Nerevarine and Anduill. The guild was much more progressive than her previous, and it was with this guild that she was able to group with more members inside Azeroth's dreaded dungeons. Nataliah's wisdom expanded greatly. She would stay with this guild till level 60.

Having mastered the destroyed city of Stratholme and clearing the Black Dragonflight from Blackrock Spire, there was nothing left for Nataliah to do but to conquer the Molten Core. Alas, her current guild did not yet have the troops to take the call to arms. Seeking a new allegience, she bid her farewells once again and joined the up-and-coming raiding guild, FragFest Alliance.

It is here that Nataliah will begin her rise to greatness. She had slain the vile Lucifron, put down the beast they call Magmadar, survived the rain of fire of Gehennas, demolished the rocky Garr and his minions, avoided the living bombs of Baron Geddon, outranged the magical Shazzrah, killed Sulfuron Harbinger and his protectors, finished off Golemagg the Incinerator, submitted Majordomo Executus, and doused the ruler of Molten Core, Ragnaros.

But all is not well in Azeroth, for there is another threat much larger than the elemental Ragnaros. Nefarian dwells in Blackwing Lair, raising his army of chromatic dragonkin. It is up to Nataliah and her friends to stop the evil before it is too late. It took many weeks of hardship but Nataliah had been able to tame Razorgore, free Vaelastrastz from his suffering, and surpass the suppression room and Broodlord Lashlayer. Unfortunately, as the guild's fame and prowess grew, so did the inner turmoil. Nataliah felt uncomfortable among some of the newer members, and decided it was best to leave before something unexpected happen.

Nataliah had signed up with the top raiding guild on Terenas, Eternal Keggers. The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj would soon be open, and the horrors of C'Thun will soon be set free into the world. Although not yet a member, she proved her worth inside the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj and helped slay the Propeht Skeram and the triumvirate of Lord Kri, Princess Yauj, and Vem. It would be only four days later that she donned the proud Eternal Keggers tag under her name.

Now revitalized with the spirit of legendary players, her rise began once again. She cleared Blackwing Lair of the remaining drakes, Firemaw, Ebonroc, and Flamegor, defeated Nefarian's pet Chromaggus, and then the ruler himself in a glorious battle that shook the foundation of Blackrock Mountain.

She ventured back to her homeland of Kalimdor and continued the march trhough C'Thun's temple. The Battleguard Sartura was not able to handle the might of the Eternal Keggers and Fankriss the Unyielding was plagued with the same fate. It was with Princess Huhuran that their progress will be put to a standstill. The guild knew what it took to defeat her, but it will take time to acquire the necessary armor and potions to do it. The farming was long and tedious but well worth the effort as even the princess fell by the wayside to the Eternal Keggers.

The Twin Emperors - Vek'lor and Vek'nilash - will prove to be difficult opponents. Their abilities were varied, and their powers devastating. She knew it will take many hours of perseverence to conquer the duo. Patience was valuable, as the fight was long and required extreme precision. But once again, the devotion of the guild showed its worth as the emperors fell to the sound of much rejoicing.

Nataliah was chosen to lead the guild to their final destination, C'Thun. Her new pet Osiris aided her in pulling the numerous silithid that infested the underground cavern. It was another long and arduous journey. It took many deaths until the guild caught glimpse of the Old God they were meant to defeat. All it took was seconds for C'Thun's beams to vaporize the guild. The Eternal Keggers bided their time, working on their execution and coming up with new strategies to defeat the menace. The Old God had won many battles but it was the guild that won the war in the end. The death of the sandworm Ouro came shortly after C'Thun's fall.

It would not take long until a new threat rose to threaten Azeroth. Or, in this case, descend, as the floating necropolis of Naxxramas flew through the clouds. The mastermind behind this latest threat is the lich Kel'Thuzad. Launching an invasion on both continents, the lands were not safe from the legions of undead that scrounged for death and suffering.

Answering the call of the Argent Dawn, Nataliah and her friends took the fight to Kel'Thuzad by invading Naxxramas. The killing of Anub'Rekhan was quick and furious as Nataliah was designated to share her Aspect of the Pack with the guild's main tank. Instructor Razuvious also fell soon after. Grand Widow Faerlina was a worthwhile challenge, but she was not enough to stop Eternal Keggers from getting closer to Kel'Thuzad.

Maexxna, the final stepping stone in the clearing of the Spider Wing, was almost exterminated in an excruciating wipe at 1%. Nataliah vowed to return to finish the job. However, progress has been halted as Terenas has been plagued with an unseeable force called Lag. All is not lost, for the doors to a new server has opened. Now Nataliah waits as her companions make the decision on whether they will find a new home to continue the fight against the Scourge...

The time has come. The Eternal Keggers have decided to make a new home on the server Norgannon. Nataliah was one of the first to transfer. Her adventures will continue soon.


Head[Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight]+34 Ranged Attack Power / +16 Hit Rating
Neck[Worgen Claw Necklace]
Shoulder[Beast Lord Mantle]+15 Critical Strike Rating / +20 Attack Power
Back[Vengeance Wrap]+12 Agility
Chest[Ebon Netherscale Breastplate]+6 All Stats
Wrist[Felstalker Bracers]+24 Attack Power
Hands[Beast Lord Handguards]+26 Attack Power
Waist[Felstalker Belt]
Legs[Scaled Greaves of the Marksman]+40 Attack Power / +10 Critical Strike Rating
Feet[Ferocious Swift-Kickers]+12 Agility
Finger[Slayer's Mark of Redemption]
Finger[Averinn's Ring of Slaying]
Trinket[Abacus of Violent Odds]
Trinket[Bloodlust Brooch]
Main-Hand[Sonic Spear]Savagery
Off Hand
Ranged[Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix]
Ammo[Warden's Arrow]




Beast MasteryEdit

41 points
  • Improved Aspect of the Hawk (5/5)
  • Endurance Training (3/5)
  • Focused Fire (2/2)
  • Improved Revive Pet (2/2)
  • Unleashed Fury (5/5)
  • Ferocity (5/5)
  • Intimidation (1/1)
  • Bestial Discipline (2/2)
  • Animal Handler (1/2)
  • Frenzy (5/5)
  • Ferocious Inspiration (3/3)
  • Bestial Wrath (1/1)
  • Serpent's Swiftness (5/5)
  • The Beast Within (1/1)


20 points
  • Lethal Shots (5/5)
  • Efficiency (5/5)
  • Going for the Throat (2/2)
  • Aimed Shot (1/1)
  • Rapid Killing (2/2)
  • Mortal Shots (5/5)


0 points



Secondary SkillsEdit

Weapon SkillsEdit

External linksEdit

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