Nancy Vishas is a level 33 elite human found in the Alterac Mountains. Nancy is married to Interrogator Vishas, who stole Vorrel Sengutz's wedding ring and gave it to his own wife. Nancy lives with Grandpa Vishas in a house on the shore of Lordamere Lake.

Quests Edit

Objective: Kill her to get Inv jewelry ring 03 [Vorrel's Wedding Ring]


Nancy Vishas says: Sidney is late. I thought he would be home by now.
Grandpa Vishas says: He's your husband, woman. How am I to know where he is?
Nancy Vishas says: He must be overwhelmed with work at the Monastery. But still, he should have returned by now.
Grandpa Vishas says: Cleansing the world of impure scum isn't an easy job, Nancy. Someone's got to do it.
Nancy Vishas says: Well, I'm going outside to check. Something is amiss.

She walks outside and stands on the boat bridge and gaze out from the misty shores of the Lordamere Lake.

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