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This article is about the expedition called Naga explorers. For the mob, see Naga Explorer.
Neutral 32 Naga explorers
Nek'mani Wellspring
Nek'mani Wellspring
Main leaderLord Sakrasis
Race(s)IconSmall Naga MaleIconSmall Naga Female Naga
Base of operationsNek'mani Wellspring
Theater of operationsStranglethorn Vale

The Naga explorers are an expedition of naga explorers found at Nek'mani Wellspring in Stranglethorn Vale.

They have advanced upon the Nek'mani Wellspring, a Holy Spring high above the bluffs, subject of great conflict amongst religious and mystical scholars, every race in Azeroth claiming that the spring waters were made divine for their people.[1]

Some of them carry stalks of some kind of valuable ocean reed they call akiris reed.[2]

Known membersEdit

Neutral 15IconSmall Naga Male Sakrasis Leader, lord Killable Nek'mani Wellspring, Stranglethorn Vale



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