Achievement dungeon utgardepinnacle 10man Neutral 15 My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time 10 Money achievement
Defeat Combat 15 Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty after having killed Grauf from 100% to dead in a single pass.

My Girl Loves To Skadi All The Time is a Lich King heroic achievement needed for the Glory of the Hero achievement, rewarding the Reins of the Red Proto-Drake.

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In order to complete this achievement, have one player collect 3 Harpoons (they drop from Ymirjar Harpooner). Once you have them all, get ready to use them the moment you see the message appear "Skadi the Ruthless is in range of the harpoon launchers!" and use the launchers, starting from the left one to the right one, and back to the left one. The harpoon launchers having a few second cooldown, you will miss Skadi's mount if you do not use the launchers correctly.

This achievement can be done along with Money achievement Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi: the key to do the two achievements at the same time, is that your group must already have the harpoons on them before the fight is initiated. Knowing that it can be reset by the group pulling back into the room that Gortok Palehoof is found in lets you keep your harpoons without dying or having to leave the instance and lose them.

After 3 assigned members of the group have 2 harpoons each (only 5 are needed to kill Grauf), he is reset and the group can quickly run past to the harpoon guns before he respawns. The tank positions themself in the doorway just next to the harpoon guns, and someone is sent to run back down the corridor and stand in front of Skadi to start the event, then quickly make their way back up to the group at the harpoon guns.

As the fight is started, the group should allow Skadi to do one pass by (watching for frost breath) so that the adds can be DPS'd down. As he reaches his second pass, the harpooners should shoot Skadi down with the accumulated harpoons.

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The name of this achievement may be a reference to the Eddie Murphy song "Party all the Time" [1]

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