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Mug'thol Warcraft III Statistics Edit


Mug'thol in Warcraft III

  • 1150 HP (+21% more than a regular Ogre Lord)
  • 500 MP (same as a regular Ogre Lord)
  • 41-46 chaos melee damage (+5% more than a regular Ogre Lord)
  • 3 heavy armor (same as a regular ogre Lord)
  • Abilities
    • Command Aura (additional damage aura)
    • Mana Burn (target's mana is lowered and they receive damage equal to mana lowered)
    • Shockwave (line damage)

Note:Mug'thol is being compared to an Ogre Lord which is the most powerful non-unique type of Ogre. Also of note is that he has one eye in Warcraft III but two in World of Warcraft.

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