Mrs. Dalson's Diary

Mrs. Dalson's Diary is located in Dalson's Tears of Western Plaguelands. [48.7, 50.7]

This object starts the quest

Objective ofEdit

Needs to be read before you can get the item [Dalson Outhouse Key] from the Wandering Skeleton.

Text of the diary Edit

Note that this is also the text of the quest...

Mrs. Dalson's Diary

A diary with yellowing pages lies open to the last entry:

"I don't know what's going to happen now that Harold's turned. It took everything out of me to drag him into the only place I could find that'd lock him up tight and hold him. I hid the key on me, and I pray it works...

I hope I can get out of here, but I need money to do that. Our stuff's all in the cabinet I think... and now that I think about it, doesn't Harold keep the key on him?

I'll rest on it, I'm dead tired now."

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