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Speed increasing effects Edit

This is a list of abilities and items which increases a player's movement speed.

On Foot Edit



Abilities when combined with talents:


Passive Equip Items:

Active (Use) Equip Items:

Temporarily Consumables:


Swimming Edit


Equip Items:

Use Items:

Mounted Edit




Equip Items:

Speed decreasing effects Edit

Questionmark-medium This section concerns content that is potentially inaccurate.

This is a list of abilities that decreases or completely halts a target's movement.

Debuff Types That Decreases/Stops Movement Speed Edit

  • Sleep debuffs can stop movement.
  • Stun debuffs can stop movement.
  • Charm debuffs can stop movement.
  • Incapacitate debuffs can stop movement.
  • Root debuffs can stop movement.
  • Snare debuffs can decrease movement.
  • Slow debuffs can decrease movement.
  • Daze debuffs can decrease movement.

Debuffs by Abilities Learned from Trainer Edit

Debuffs by Abilities Learned from Talents Edit

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