Mountain dwarves is a term for dwarves that live primarily in the mountains. Mountain dwarves are found in Khaz Modan, Aerie Peaks, Northeron, and the Hinterlands. The Bronzebeard dwarves and Wildhammer dwarves (aka wild dwarves) have been described as having mountain dwarves[1][2] or hill dwarves[3][4] The Bronzebeard mountain dwarves live primarily underground deep beneath the earth within vast caverns and mines, whereas the wildhammer mountain dwarves prefer to live on the surface of mountains[5] (DotD 210). Wildhammer mountain dwarves are slightly taller by about six inches[6] and leaner than the Bronzebeard hill dwarves, but just as muscled. They are also less earthy.[5] (DotD 35).

Note:The term mountain dwarf does not appear to be denote a specific race, but rather describe where dwarves primarily live. The term has only appeared three times in three known sources.

Named mountain dwarvesEdit


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