Ability mount dragonhawkarmorallliance Neutral 15 Mount Parade 10 Money achievement
Obtain 200 mounts.

Obtain 200 mounts.

Alliance 15 Armored Blue Dragonhawk Mount
Horde 15 Armored Red Dragonhawk Mount

Mount Parade is a general achievement added in Patch 5.3. The criteria is to obtain 200 different mounts. The reward is an armored dragonhawk flying mount.

Reward Edit

Depending on your character's faction you get either the Ability hunter pet dragonhawk [Blue Dragonhawk] or the Ability hunter pet dragonhawk [Red Dragonhawk], respectively for the Alliance and the Horde.

Series Edit

Mount Parade is the final achievement of a series from the same kind.

  1. Ability mount ridingelekk [Stable Keeper]
  2. Ability mount ridingelekkelite green [Filling Up The Barn]
  3. Ability mount mammoth black [Leading the Cavalry]
  4. Ability hunter pet dragonhawk [Mountain o' Mounts]
  5. Ability mount dragonhawkarmorallliance [Mount Parade]

Mail Edit

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You receive the mount in the mail, along with the following message:

From: Mei Francis
Subject: Mount Parade


Yours again,


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