Moon Over the Vale

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Moon Over the Vale

Moon Over the Vale

Moon Over the Vale is an ancient tablet that speaks of the bravery of the trolls of Gurubashi defending their homeland under the moonlight in Stranglethorn Vale. The tablet is located in the Bal'lal Ruins, almost directly north of the Horde camp, Grom'gol Base Camp, and southwest of the hunter's camp where Hemet Nesingwary Jr. can be found. The tablet is in the northwest corner of the ruins. Coordinates: (29,19)

The Alliance has recently expressed interest in this particular legend. Brother Nimetz of the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn Vale is sending adventurers to investigate many troll legends in the area in hopes of finding answers regarding Colonel Kurzen's corruption, and this is one on his list (see Official alliance mini-icon [38] Kurzen's Mystery for the quest).

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