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Monster Guide Web Supplement is a pdf-only sourcebook for World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game. It contains information on animals and vermin similar in format to the monsters outlined in Monster Guide. Although Monster Guide claimed that the web supplemental would be a free download, it was later decided that Monster Guide Web Supplement would be sold online.

Table of contentsEdit


  • Giant crocodile
  • Light horse
  • Heavy horse
  • Light warhorse
  • Common lizard
  • Monitor lizard
  • Icetusk mammoth
  • Common owl
  • Giant owl
  • Medium shark
  • Large shark
  • Huge shark
  • Constrictor
  • Vipers
  • Tiny viper
  • Medium viper
  • Large viper
  • Huge viper
  • Giant squid
  • Baleen whale
  • Cachalot whale
  • Orca whale
  • Variant wind serpents


  • Tiny monstrous scorpion
  • Small monstrous scorpion
  • Medium monstrous scorpion
  • Large monstrous scorpion
  • Huge monstrous scorpion
  • Gargantuan monstrous scorpion
  • Collossal monstrous scorpion
  • Tiny monstrous spider
  • Small monstrous spider
  • Medium monstrous spider
  • Large monstrous spider
  • Huge monstrous spider
  • Gargantuan monstrous spider
  • Collossal monstrous spider

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