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A healer who mixes traditional herbal medicine with Pandaren martial arts.
- Official description
Stat priority
  • Spirit
  • Haste Rating (soft cap)
  • Intellect
  • Critical Strike Rating
  • Mastery Rating
  • Haste Rating
Icon Ability Min Level
Ability ghoulfrenzy [Tiger Strikes] 10
Spell nature sleep [Mana Meditation] 10
Ability monk soothingmists [Soothing Mist] 10
Monk stance wiseserpent [Stance of the Wise Serpent] 10
Spell shaman spiritlink [Enveloping Mist] 16
Inv emberweavebandage2 [Internal Medicine] 20
Spell arcane mindmastery [Muscle Memory] 20
Ability monk surgingmist [Surging Mist] 32
Passive monk teachingsofmonastery [Teachings of the Monastery] 34
Ability monk renewingmists [Renewing Mist] 42
Icon Ability Min Level
Spell arcane arcane04 [Dematerialize] 45
Ability monk chicocoon [Life Cocoon] 50
Inv chest cloth 08 [Leather Specialization] 50
Monk ability cherrymanatea [Mana Tea] 56
Inv misc herb jadetealeaf [Brewing: Mana Tea] 56
Ability monk uplift [Uplift] 62
Ability monk thunderfocustea [Thunder Focus Tea] 66
Ability monk summonserpentstatue [Summon Jade Statue] 70
Spell shaman blessingofeternals [Revival] 78
Tradeskill inscription jadeserpent [Mastery: Gift of the Serpent] 80

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