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Mogul Ryzor is a goblin mogul of Kezan. He once discovered that thunder lizard hides make excellent coverings for cannons; protecting them from weather conditions and from overheating. Thinking to capitalize on this discovery, he gathered a group of goblin employees and an adventuring group to head into central Kalimdor to harvest some lizard hides. Unfortunately, Ryzor's apprentice Bibbs betrayed him; taking a group of loyal employees, and also headed toward the lizards, hiring a band of Horde adventurers in the process. Ryzor's group had to beat Bibb's force to the lizards, fight off the rival adventurers, and finally kill the thunder lizards; so that they could safely transport the hides to Bilgewater Port. This task was made especially difficult when a baron from the Trade Coalition learned of the plan and hired a group of ex-Blackwater Raiders to attack the trade ships as they traveled back to Kezan with Ryzor's hides.[1]

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