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Mob herbalism is the act of gathering herbs and other related items from the corpse of dead nature creatures, exclusively giants and elementals.

To do so one must have the appropriate level of Herbalism and simply act as though they were gathering from any other herb node. Similar to skinning the player requires a herbalism skill of at least five times the target mob's level, but unlike skinning herbalists can not skill up this way.

Herb skinnable creaturesEdit

Only some nature based giants and elementals (notable only elementals that resemble giants) can currently be herb skinned. The total is currently 22 and these appear in Zangarmarsh, Terrokar, Blade's Edge Mountains as well as a select few instances.

Some of the skinnable creatures include:


As you can currently only skin Outland mobs you can only obtain Outland (301+) level herbs from doing so including the valuable Fel Lotus. Herbs are not all you receive however, alongside them you will get a variety of vendor trash items and even motes of life.

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Using the same mechanic:

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