Wrath-Logo-Small This article concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.

The Mjordin are a group of vrykul. Little is known about them, but they are mentioned in a way that makes them seem a major force.

Should King Ymiron blow the horns and call for all of the leaders of the ymirjar and mjordin alike, the vrykul will become a force more powerful than any other within the Scourge. This action would organize the vrykul nation.[1]

The Halls of the Ancestors seems to be their version of Gjalerbron, where the vrykul of Icecrown were put into stasis. Iskalder is one, as he is one of the Slumbering Mjordin before he is found.

Other non-named mjordin are Mjordin Combatants and Mjordin Water Magus.

The mjordin seem to be related to the "Jotunheim" vrykul, as the Jotunheim and mjordin vrykul share the cliff city of Jotunheim. Balargarde Fortress may be their capital. It is unknown why they are not already united with the ymirjar.

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