Mists of Pandaria instance maps

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Stormstout Brewery

Stormstout Brewery (view from the outside in Valley of the Four Winds)

Mists of Pandaria is the next expansion and it is bringing many new instances, including two classic World of Warcraft instances and six instances that are located in Pandaria, the new continent:

Pandaria instance maps

Temple of the Jade Serpent

Zone Map(s)
Temple of the Jade Serpent InstanceMap-EastTemple1 InstanceMap-EastTemple2

First dungeon you will encounter while leveling from level 85 - 90. Contains the Sha of Doubt.

Temple of the Jade Serpent Instance Map

Temple of the Jade Serpent Instance Map

Stormstout Brewery

Zone Map(s)
Stormstout Brewery

Grain Cellar


Stormstout Brewhall

File:WorldMap-StormstoutBrewery1.jpg File:WorldMap-StormstoutBrewery2.jpg

Great Wheel


Tasting Room

File:WorldMap-StormstoutBrewery4.jpg File:WorldMap-StormstoutBrewery3.jpg

This dungeon should be the next instance you encounter while leveling. It is overrun by two of Pandaria's inhabitants which go by the name of Verming and the Hozu. Make sure the beer is safe.

Shado-pan Monastery

Contains the Shado-pan Clan, which are somewhat of a Pandaren ninja-like faction. They protect Pandaria, and the Sha are the major enemy in this instance.

Zone Map(s)
Shado-pan Monastery InstanceMap-ShadowpanHideout InstanceMap-ShadowpanHideout1
File:WorldMap-ShadowpanHideout.jpg File:WorldMap-ShadowpanHideout1.jpg
InstanceMap-ShadowpanHideout2 InstanceMap-ShadowpanHideout3
File:WorldMap-ShadowpanHideout2.jpg File:WorldMap-ShadowpanHideout3.jpg

Mogu'shan Palace

Zone Map(s)
Mogu'Shan Palace InstanceMap-MogushanPalace1
InstanceMap-MogushanPalace2 InstanceMap-MogushanPalace3
File:WorldMap-MogushanPalace2.jpg File:WorldMap-MogushanPalace3.jpg
Mogu'Shan Palace map

Preliminary map of the Mogu'Shan Palace instance.

Gate of the Setting Sun

Zone Map(s)
Gate of the Setting Sun WorldMap-TheGreatWall1 WorldMap-TheGreatWall2
File:WorldMap-TheGreatWall1.jpg File:WorldMap-TheGreatWall2.jpg

Siege of Niuzao Temple

Zone Map(s)
Siege of Niuzao Temple WorldMap-SiegeOfNiuzaoTemple
WorldMap-SiegeOfNiuzaoTemple1 WorldMap-SiegeOfNiuzaoTemple2
File:WorldMap-SiegeOfNiuzaoTemple1.jpg File:WorldMap-SiegeOfNiuzaoTemple2.jpg

Mogu'shan Vaults

Zone Map(s)
Mogu'shan Vaults WorldMap-MogushanVaults1
WorldMap-MogushanVaults2 WorldMap-MogushanVaults3
File:WorldMap-MogushanVaults2.jpg File:WorldMap-MogushanVaults3.jpg

Heart of Fear

Zone Map(s)
Heart of Fear WorldMap-HeartOfFear1 WorldMap-HeartOfFear2
File:WorldMap-HeartOfFear1.jpg File:WorldMap-HeartOfFear2.jpg

Terrace of Endless Spring

Zone Map(s)
Mogu'Shan Palace WorldMap-TerraceOfEndlessSpring

Throne of Thunder

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As of Patch 5.2 build 16408 on PTR.
Zone Map(s)
Throne of Thunder WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid1 WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid2
File:WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid1.jpg File:WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid2.jpg
WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid3 WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid4
File:WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid3.jpg File:WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid4.jpg
WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid5 WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid6
File:WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid5.jpg File:WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid6.jpg
WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid7 WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid8
File:WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid7.jpg File:WorldMap-ThunderKingRaid8.jpg

Classic revamped instance maps


Scholomance instance map

Scholomance Instance Map (New revamped)

This is the new level 90 heroic version instance of the classic Scholomance coming in Pandaria. The original version will remain for lower level players.

Maps do not appear to have changed from 0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Cataclysm. See Scholomance section of Instance maps.

Scarlet Halls

SM Instance Map Arm -Lib

Scarlet Monastery Armory/Library instance prelim map.

Lower level wings.

Zone Map(s)
Scarlet Halls InstanceMap-ScarletHalls1 InstanceMap-ScarletHalls2
File:WorldMap-ScarletHalls1.jpg File:WorldMap-ScarletHalls2.jpg

Scarlet Cathedral


Scarlet Monastery Graveyard/Chapel instance prelim map.

Named "Scarlet Monastery" in-game.

Zone Map(s)
Scarlet Cathedral InstanceMap-ScarletCathedral1 InstanceMap-ScarletCathedral2
File:WorldMap-ScarletCathedral1.jpg File:WorldMap-ScarletCathedral2.jpg

Battleground instance maps

Silvershard Mines

Zone Map(s)
Silvershard Mines WorldMap-STVDiamondMineBG1

Temple of Kotmogu

Zone Map(s)
Temple of Kotmogu WorldMap-TempleOfKotmogu


  • These instance maps should be current as of the 0500Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria expansion release thru Patch 5.1.

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