Might of Mograine

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Might of Mograine
Spell deathknight classicon
  • Increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Blood Boil, Blood Strike, Death Strike, and Heart Strike by X%.
Usable by
ClassDeath knight
LocationBlood, Tier 9
Affects[Blood Boil], [Blood Strike], [Death Strike], and [Heart Strike]
Points required40
Spec specificYes
Talent requiredNone

Might of Mograine is a death knight talent located in the 9th tier of the Blood tree.

Rank table Edit

Rank  % Increase
1 15
2 30
3 45

Notes Edit

This Talent may refer to Darion Mograine.

Patch changesEdit

  • 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.1.0 (14-Apr-2009): No longer affects Obliterate.
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Patch date14 April 2009 +

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